Don't push me

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Don't push me so hard,
'Cause I can never retaliate,
And then I'll be just gone,
Falling off the love cliff,
Or stick to the smiling wall,
And while you'll still search me,
You will not find a trace,
Not even a tiny drop of blood!

Don't hold me so tight,
'Cause it is impossible to live,
As my words are choked,
Hand goes freezing still,
Mind goes suddenly blank,
And I flutter like an animal,
Who is in loss of his powers,
And now it loses its own will!

Don't try to react so bad,
'Cause that knows no end,
And it grows up so high,
That none could contain,
Hence I dare not utter a word,
And wrap up all the pain,
And my only thoughts elope,
As I hold onto love in vain!

Don't love me so much,
'Cause I can't hate you,
As I bow down to its weight,
Submit to its limitless power,
And I'm left with emptiness,
No real  zeal to complain,
Not even the hands to beg,
Neither a heart to give so much.

Don't hurt me so much,
'Cause the wound so bleeds,
That I've to dig off its grave,
To touch an ounce of love,
And when I bring it back,
The dirty blood flows again,
And curses the little joy,
Back to the bloody hell!

Don't push me so hard,
'Cause I could hit back too,
And I know not my strength,
That I would warn you,
From the steps I could take,
And the beast that is in me,
That could well hurt you,
And keep you in pain till eternity!

So just don't...

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Zave, too much of pain buddy! Release and let go!

Ya, I know.
Trying hard to do so.


buddy dont keep so much to ur heart.. it ll kill ur inner self....
remember.... forgetfulness is sometimes a virtue...

My first time here...poignant is the word in my mind!

I know, and yet its difficult to open up the heart totally sometimes, except in a verse I suppose.

Thank you for visiting and commenting, do come back.

it is difficult... i bear with that... but then u have to move on....

Might be, but I think I'll wait...

Beautiful ,just awesome my dear.........
dude i think dats one of d bst i hv read frm u.....

cheers :)

@The Aspirant-
Thank you for those kind words.

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