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Yes, I'm deprived,
From the want of your touch,
From the want of your love.

A strange feeling,
Like a void inside,
A virtual black hole,
Which sucks in all,
While its still dark,
No where to go,
Nothing to feel,
None to hold on to,
Not the feel of a free bird,
But like a boy in flood,
Flowing into infinity,
No twig to support,
No one to stand by,
Driven on in oblivion!

Yes, I'm deprived,
From the feel of your presence,
From the sound of your talks.

It feels I'm not living,
I'm alive I know,
And yet, I'm dead.
I try to speak,
Mould the heart,
To sleep in my favour,
But the mind betrays,
The loyalty has just gone,
And both look down,
Like I'm a grotesque creature,
Like I'm a heartless boy,
And yet I'm confused,
If the heart and mind is one,
Who stand against them?

Yes, I'm deprived,
Not from the unfaithful sleep,
Not from the abundant food.

I've tried,
Fought and lost,
Gave up on the war,
Still not rested,
And yet I'm strong,
Like someone's holding,
Showing me the way,
And I'm enjoying anew,
The dust covered songs,
Humming once again,
The forgotten lyrics,
Filling a new life in me,
A new power to win,
And remain victorious!

Yet I'm deprived,

P.S. - This is a nonsense mumbling of a confused, love sick soul. Hope you all can get some meaningful sense out of it!

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it does make sense...but knowing whatever i do about the love that you won't feel the deprivation too long...cheers..

I second your opinion!
And thank you for visiting my blog.

I am always amazed at the way you express yourself with regards to such difficult emotions! Zave, this is BEAUTIFUL, I believe, it is your writing that bring clarity to the confusion you experience.. Simply Splendid!
That feeling is so common when you miss the one you love as much as you do!

Thank you so much for the kind words of appreciation.
I'm glad you like it.

well, my frnd.....welcome to d real blogger wrld nw...
a place to put ur confusing thoughts out, so dat u too cn make sum sense out of it.....
well written or shud say well putting of ur confusions....out.....;)

Ya, I get that. I'm sure I'll be able to add to the confusion of many other blogger friends!

I thought I saw hope in the end...but was deprived...LOL

Sometimes the beauty is in being deprived, and living in its bliss!
I tried to bring in that same feeling!

beautifully depicted!

Thank you for the appreciation.

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