The chronicles of my come back

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9th March, 22:00hrs.
Since five past nine,
I've been sitting here,
On the shiny silvery chair,
With a distinct void inside,
Staring at the bulk of people,
The damp air from the rusty fan,
And the sounds of the train's whistle,
Blocking the un-sensing senses!

10th March, 00:00hrs.
Two hours have crawled away,
And I've not moved an inch,
Still staring down at the marbles,
'Cause the crowd had dispersed,
The damp air now a lot cooled,
The whistles seem a distant memory,
The dazzling lights have faded out,
A serene calmness in existence!

10th March, 03:00hrs.
A few more hours strolled off,
And I'm still twitching my nose,
Trying to smell the her fragrance,
Forcing my body to give up living,
In belief I could jump to my past,
If only I could swoon into a stance,
In a dream where I had the controls,
While I just extended my gaze into infinity!

10th March, 04:30hrs.
"Hello sir, your ticket",
A crack in my gazing crystal,
I give an irritating look,
"Yes, one sec.", a calm reply,
After all its the police!
"Why not, I'm an idiot,
Waiting for seven plus hours",
I talk inside and still stare!

10th March, 05:07hrs.
The clock says seven past five,
Restlessly sitting and munching chips,
In the deathly pin drop silence,
Foiled only by the deafening noise,
Of the ever buzzing rotating iron.
I curse the stagnant hands of the clock,
And also the time which flied by,
Hoping they would return soon enough!

10th March, 12:00hrs.
Half a day over since I began writing,
Being roasted in the metallic coach,
Calling her, but she was in class,
And hence I'm waiting again,
To just hear her cute voice,
I've missed for I known not how long?
Eating and drinking my way in joy,
But there is something that hits my heart!

10th March, 19:05hrs.
Half a day more to go before its over,
The heart says, "truth accepted",
And has finally stopped beating,
The mind says, "So lets move on",
And has ceased brooding,
The lips still hurt from the day's torture,
The body non-responsive in parts,
Waiting for this to formally end!

11th March, 08:00hrs.
Just two more I suppose,
And I lost my mobile and got it,
And yet my heart did not race on,
There was a sad feeling,
A sense that I was dead,
Lost the time to touch her,
And now even the source to see,
And yet I live on to write this!

11th March, 14:00hrs.
Sitting in my messy room,
And staring at her again,
Reliving the bygone days,
Never to come back again!
Smiling beneath as I look through,
Moments that remained captured,
Now just a beautiful memory,
Hoping they visit again someday!

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you write about the writer's block?...her perfume lingers...sometimes we wonder if the smell has changed...seems different everytime

Of course, life is full of changes.
You can't expect the same fragrance every time.
Always watch out for something new!


Well, smile generally speaks a thousand words.
But this one is mute!
I can't hear a thing!
Trust me.


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