Angel from my heaven

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Only for you,
I die to hear your voice,
I dream about your laugh,
I wait for your gifts,
I search for your fragrance,
I long for your touch,
I fight for your kiss,
I yearn for your presence,
All this and more,
'Cause you is what I want,
'Cause you is what I desire,
'Cause you is what I dream,
'Cause you is what I love,
You, and just you my love,
The angel from my heaven!

P.S. - This was actually never written as a poem, but its a part of the self designed card I gave to my love.

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well, i mst say dat ur true feelings r xpressed thru dis card.......
by d way a nice poem......

@The aspirant-
Thank you. By the way, the card came up beautiful!

Zave, it was beautiful reading this.. Feelings, truly well expressed!

Thank you.

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