Under the night's dark blue

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Honking the irritating horn,
Repeatedly incessantly,
In ignorant childish glee,
Living the frustrating noise,
Calling it a means of fun.

Speeding, cruising through,
The cold whip of thin air,
The crazy heart racing on,
And with it the beastly engine,
Pumping the blood and oil!

A sudden flash of blinding deathly light,
Tearing apart the lively thoughts,
And the horror filled watery eyes,
The bloody heart running out of blood,
Looking at the imminent death staring!

Slamming of the safety brakes,
A squeak of the rusty bearings,
Smell of the burning black latex,
And the never ending drag still,
Skidding nearer to the devil!

The beastly machine nearly to halt,
But by then bones are crushed,
Teeth are brutally mashed,
Blood spills over the sorry earth,
And a little life yet to give up!

The dim lights begin to fade away,
Eyes forced to close down,
View blocked by the blood's rain,
The mind stopped thinking,
Unable to detect even the pain!

No control over the lonesome feet,
They flutter like a dying bird's wings,
Love and hate, war and peace,
Nothing seems worth the fight,
As life itself is about to be ceased!

It hurts no more, feels no more,
None of the existence matter,
Like it is the end of all,
Just a flood of flashing images,
The small life in a few moments!

The curious unknown faces,
The pointless amazing smiles,
The regrets of being alive,
And then a thought of her,
And there is, but a smile!

A fate she suffered again true,
History repeating itself still,
A monstrous day that was once,
Unpredicted and mournful as ever,
Like the bolt from the bloody blue!

As the freed soul walks away,
Giving the corpse a regretful look,
Repenting for the night's craze,
Smiles return as she descends,
Floating in the street's irritating light!

Outstretching her arms calling on,
Waiting for the shadowy kiss,
Wanting to go back to the third world,
Eroding all the regrets and pain,
Re-living the life supposedly in a bliss!

Coming closer still is she,
As the life gets choked out,
And the soul moves on to oblivion,
The past still haunting back,
And so does the future yet not in!

And finally with her holding hands,
She says, "You are back to me,
Even when I didn't want to call you,
And although you smile at me,
I know the hurt you have inside"!

Thinking of this life's satire,
Of the near similar life that was led,
And yet death came in a different hue,
"She was crushed in the shining sun,
But me under the night's dark blue"!

The two days

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The two days just whisked away,
Like a wisp of arrogant air,
Zipping past the mournful me,
Which can never be termed fair!

Smoothly and steadily skidded through,
On the experience of us two,
And the planning to go by,
Not a glitch to be met anyway.

And not a word about the atmosphere,
Which was the best it could be,
What more could I possibly want,
When her soft tight arms enclosed me?

Hugging each other in wild hope,
That we could be joined to one,
And for a moment it felt,
We were indeed a single soul!

We spoke a little, if I could add,
Speaking were our pens in our place,
Words didn't possess power to describe us,
It were only our touch and grace!

Munching on the little we had,
To experience the lunches together,
Which would be a reality in future,
When we could live forever each other.

Enjoying the little sleep,
Among the myriad long kisses,
Again a part of future planning,
Pre-living our dreams and wishes!

One or two thing made up it all,
A few more things adding into its taste,
Those walks and the auto drives included,
None of them were any waste.

P.S. - This is another of my no-sense random creation while returning back after meeting her.

A write by the night

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A solemn promise
to sleep early,
A sleepy night
where all are dead,
A pair of tired eyes
waiting to close,
And the enthusiastic feelings
still pushing on!

An elegant pen
gifted with its ink,
A spotless paper
presumed to be white,
A royal colour
supposed to be blue,
And the casual grip
like reluctant to hold!

An unabashed gaze
at the verses ahead,
An unsatisfied heart
'cause of the small write,
A contend brain
hoping to write later,
And a confused soul
deciding how to react!

A static thought
that I still scribble,
A blocked mind
with none to think about,
A peculiar realization
as to why the hell do I write,
And a crazy write
as this has happened to be!

An unusual time
five in the morning,
A dimming light
of my buggy laptop,
An awkward position
half sitting and the other lies,
And an impossible idea
that I could finish this write!

A precedent style
like the many more seen,
A handful of emotions
not much in this morn,
An eluding memory
none that I can recall,
And then finally a write
a write by the night!

P.S. - I finally slept at 6:30 AM that morning!


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Yes, I'm deprived,
From the want of your touch,
From the want of your love.

A strange feeling,
Like a void inside,
A virtual black hole,
Which sucks in all,
While its still dark,
No where to go,
Nothing to feel,
None to hold on to,
Not the feel of a free bird,
But like a boy in flood,
Flowing into infinity,
No twig to support,
No one to stand by,
Driven on in oblivion!

Yes, I'm deprived,
From the feel of your presence,
From the sound of your talks.

It feels I'm not living,
I'm alive I know,
And yet, I'm dead.
I try to speak,
Mould the heart,
To sleep in my favour,
But the mind betrays,
The loyalty has just gone,
And both look down,
Like I'm a grotesque creature,
Like I'm a heartless boy,
And yet I'm confused,
If the heart and mind is one,
Who stand against them?

Yes, I'm deprived,
Not from the unfaithful sleep,
Not from the abundant food.

I've tried,
Fought and lost,
Gave up on the war,
Still not rested,
And yet I'm strong,
Like someone's holding,
Showing me the way,
And I'm enjoying anew,
The dust covered songs,
Humming once again,
The forgotten lyrics,
Filling a new life in me,
A new power to win,
And remain victorious!

Yet I'm deprived,

P.S. - This is a nonsense mumbling of a confused, love sick soul. Hope you all can get some meaningful sense out of it!

The chronicles of my come back

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9th March, 22:00hrs.
Since five past nine,
I've been sitting here,
On the shiny silvery chair,
With a distinct void inside,
Staring at the bulk of people,
The damp air from the rusty fan,
And the sounds of the train's whistle,
Blocking the un-sensing senses!

10th March, 00:00hrs.
Two hours have crawled away,
And I've not moved an inch,
Still staring down at the marbles,
'Cause the crowd had dispersed,
The damp air now a lot cooled,
The whistles seem a distant memory,
The dazzling lights have faded out,
A serene calmness in existence!

10th March, 03:00hrs.
A few more hours strolled off,
And I'm still twitching my nose,
Trying to smell the her fragrance,
Forcing my body to give up living,
In belief I could jump to my past,
If only I could swoon into a stance,
In a dream where I had the controls,
While I just extended my gaze into infinity!

10th March, 04:30hrs.
"Hello sir, your ticket",
A crack in my gazing crystal,
I give an irritating look,
"Yes, one sec.", a calm reply,
After all its the police!
"Why not, I'm an idiot,
Waiting for seven plus hours",
I talk inside and still stare!

10th March, 05:07hrs.
The clock says seven past five,
Restlessly sitting and munching chips,
In the deathly pin drop silence,
Foiled only by the deafening noise,
Of the ever buzzing rotating iron.
I curse the stagnant hands of the clock,
And also the time which flied by,
Hoping they would return soon enough!

10th March, 12:00hrs.
Half a day over since I began writing,
Being roasted in the metallic coach,
Calling her, but she was in class,
And hence I'm waiting again,
To just hear her cute voice,
I've missed for I known not how long?
Eating and drinking my way in joy,
But there is something that hits my heart!

10th March, 19:05hrs.
Half a day more to go before its over,
The heart says, "truth accepted",
And has finally stopped beating,
The mind says, "So lets move on",
And has ceased brooding,
The lips still hurt from the day's torture,
The body non-responsive in parts,
Waiting for this to formally end!

11th March, 08:00hrs.
Just two more I suppose,
And I lost my mobile and got it,
And yet my heart did not race on,
There was a sad feeling,
A sense that I was dead,
Lost the time to touch her,
And now even the source to see,
And yet I live on to write this!

11th March, 14:00hrs.
Sitting in my messy room,
And staring at her again,
Reliving the bygone days,
Never to come back again!
Smiling beneath as I look through,
Moments that remained captured,
Now just a beautiful memory,
Hoping they visit again someday!

They call me

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They call me,
The time I spent,
Sitting by your side,
Cuddling with you,
When I could touch you,
When I could feel you there!

They call me,
The smell of your skin,
The taste of your tongue,
The sound of your laugh,
The scorns of your moans,
The pink of the "pinkie"!

They call me,
The sadness that engulfed you,
The love that filled me,
The tears that popped out,
The smile that showed off,
The moisture that dried up!

They call me,
The grasp of your fingers,
The lock of your lips,
The strands of your hair,
The pimple of your face,
The love in your stare!

They call me,
The dreams I dreamt,
Gazing deep inside,
Into the very obvious future,
While fate just smiled,
Remaining totally oblivious!

I miss you - 2 (Proposal revisited - 2)

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I miss you,
On every sunny morn,
Or when I look at a colourful lawn.

I miss you,
At every single heart beat,
Or at each night's retreat.

I miss you,
At every moment you call,
Or when I'm alone in a crowed hall.

I miss you,
At the forging of each verse,
Or when I hear a cute curse.

I miss you,
When ever I see some love,
Or look at the clouds above.

I miss you,
Every second I look at you,
Or look at the moon with stars a few.

I miss you,
At every second of my life,
So will you marry me,
Will you be my wife?

P.S. - Its a sequel to the "I miss you" and "Proposal Revisited". Also a part of the card I gave her, also a proposal.

Angel from my heaven

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Only for you,
I die to hear your voice,
I dream about your laugh,
I wait for your gifts,
I search for your fragrance,
I long for your touch,
I fight for your kiss,
I yearn for your presence,
All this and more,
'Cause you is what I want,
'Cause you is what I desire,
'Cause you is what I dream,
'Cause you is what I love,
You, and just you my love,
The angel from my heaven!

P.S. - This was actually never written as a poem, but its a part of the self designed card I gave to my love.

My 21st Birthday

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Twenty one years gone,
Just like that,
With the snap of my fingers,
Slipped away from my clasp,
Lying down in the dust,
Covered with time!

Myriad emotions deep inside,
Still hurting!
Countless questions remain,
Still unanswered!
Numerous unforgettable mysteries,
Still unrevealed!
Lot many elusive territories,
Still unconquered!
Few tiny dreamy wishes,
Still unfulfilled!

Age old regrets,
All would have,
And so do I.

And this is not a fresh start,
What has begun shall continue,
Walking in the direction I chose,
But at least this much,
As my mom says to me,
"Walk cautiously"!

P.S. - The pic is from my last year birthday.

Don't push me

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Don't push me so hard,
'Cause I can never retaliate,
And then I'll be just gone,
Falling off the love cliff,
Or stick to the smiling wall,
And while you'll still search me,
You will not find a trace,
Not even a tiny drop of blood!

Don't hold me so tight,
'Cause it is impossible to live,
As my words are choked,
Hand goes freezing still,
Mind goes suddenly blank,
And I flutter like an animal,
Who is in loss of his powers,
And now it loses its own will!

Don't try to react so bad,
'Cause that knows no end,
And it grows up so high,
That none could contain,
Hence I dare not utter a word,
And wrap up all the pain,
And my only thoughts elope,
As I hold onto love in vain!

Don't love me so much,
'Cause I can't hate you,
As I bow down to its weight,
Submit to its limitless power,
And I'm left with emptiness,
No real  zeal to complain,
Not even the hands to beg,
Neither a heart to give so much.

Don't hurt me so much,
'Cause the wound so bleeds,
That I've to dig off its grave,
To touch an ounce of love,
And when I bring it back,
The dirty blood flows again,
And curses the little joy,
Back to the bloody hell!

Don't push me so hard,
'Cause I could hit back too,
And I know not my strength,
That I would warn you,
From the steps I could take,
And the beast that is in me,
That could well hurt you,
And keep you in pain till eternity!

So just don't...

I know, yet I don't

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I can't see your dark gloomy eyes,
Or feel your brine soaked cheeks,
Or your frowning irritated brows,
Or the way your raised nose peeks!

I know its not easy for you,
That you are often a lot mad,
Be impossibly happy for a moment,
And then again insanely be very sad!

I can't watch over you all day long,
And see your fickle moods swing,
Noting down each of the killing step,
Which your not so silly mind did bring.

I know when you are one sleepy head,
Or when its real hunger talking,
Or if its another self-inflicted pain,
When the evil in you is stalking.

I can't see the reasons of the cries,
Or the bloody battle which rages on,
Or even feel those red open wounds,
Once the warriors are lost and gone.

I know your scorns when I hear one,
And when cries are about to break free,
I know when you hide a word inside,
Tucked away from my intellect's lee.

I can't see the walks of your mind,
Or the trash you are forced to tread upon,
Or the feeling kept under the caring wraps,
And which then, just rot away on and on.

But I try my sweetheart,
I do try with all my might,
To brave the dark cavern of misery,
Even in the little flickering hope light.

But how far could I keep wining or even hope,
If I can never see the unknown pits?
How long could I hold on to this world,
When the earth beneath me is crushed to bits?

How do I know if I'm treading the wrong path,
If you don't ever show me the way?
Then how could I even turn back to you,
And go ahead with your mystery evil's slay?

Hold my hands and walk the path ahead,
Show me the ways which still blind me,
One more chance is all I ask from you,
And I can promise, I will not fail thee!

The Native : A childhood poetry

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The Native from the south,
Growing high, steep and stout.
Its branches spread in all ways,
In every direction they sway.

Some sprigs point to the east,
The land of the tribal Assamese,
Some bow down to the west,
Where bravery is assumed without test,
Some twigs watch over to the north,
Where constant wars are fought.
While few bent to the south, the land of fishes,
Which is specially worth for its delicious dishes.

The Native stands to welcome the sun,
Which hopefully would make our lives turn.
The sun sharing its mighty power to all,
Among which the Native also falls,
The birds alight on it the day all long,
Voicing out their ever sweetest song,
Beneath it the small puppies play,
Fighting, barking and rolling in the muddy clay.

The noon brings for the Native the cracking sunshine,
Though it has enough strength to bear it fine.
The shades of the sun come down as the day descends,
As a day full of joy and sorrow comes to an end.
The Native bidding every homeward bird good bye,
As the queen of night enters and the king walks by.
The queen comes in following the wild cry,
While her friends come in to assist jewel the sky.
Her friends twinkling graciously all about,
Some peeping from the branches of the stout,
Some stand in the bare black abreast,
While others stay in some corner deep at rest.

This hide and seek goes on throughout the night,
But the Native ignores them even as they are in sight,
As the light nears, the night retires slowly,
And the soft, quiet dawn creeps in lowly,
And with this rising dawn the birds become free,
Out to enjoy a new day, the Native, the Coconut tree!

P.S. - This poem was written by me when I was in class - VII. In case you missed it, it is based on the coconut tree which grew in my house's backyard.
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