A whisper in the night

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Breaking the heavenly shackles,
Braving the flaccid cruel winds,
Under the moon's pale twilight,
She descends to be by my side.
Blaming my loneliness all along,
And a pair of eyes sleep deprived.
Saying she can't stand all this,
My beating heart to bleed and cry!

Her endearing fragrance fills in,
Even the tiniest of the plotting wisp of air,
Even if the flawlessly calm darkness,
Tries hard to mask her long sleek hair,
I feel her imperceptible delicate touch,
Unearthing all her undying love and care.
And even if I am feeling her presence,
I know within, she really can't be here.

I smile at her for the life I have,
Yet guilty to be scared this way,
I moan for this loneliness inside,
I curse myself for staying away.
And as I keep maundering on,
Opening my heart's door way,
I look into her pale tranquil eyes,
Still complaining her for going away.

I'm lost into her glassy eyes,
And she stares unabashedly at me,
I give a disgusted look and say,
"No, no more advices for free".
She forces on a torpid smile,
Like that is what I wanted to see.
And as I feel the cold air go thinner,
I find her floating even closer to me.

I feel the curls in the air,
And an odd chill in my spine.
Her placid lips come closer still,
Speaking a few words divine.
And as a gush of air drifts past me,
I realize those words were not mine.

I turn back to look at her again,
But she had already cast her spell,
I fall deeper into the ocean of sleep,
Murmuring words I wanted to tell.

She looks into the heavenly sky,
Seems she had overstayed her time,
And as tears roll down my hot eyes,
My heart could not be jocund or sublime.

She springs up yet another smile,
And then fades away into a light,
I look around for what she had left,
And this is all I could get in sight,
"A bunch of confused words",
And "a whisper in the night".

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I like it..

Glad to know that!

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