When I'm gone...

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 Would you still be mine,
And your crazy love still last?
Or will you be gone in no time?
And disremember me too fast,
Looking ahead to the life too vast?

Would your beautiful eyes still be red,
Would you still yearn for my kiss?
Or will this flare be dead?
Rediscovering a new bliss,
Like you were destined for this?

Would you still think of me,
And the pathetic pranks that I did?
Or will you have a lot more to see?
Go on and think about your kid,
Countless majestic moments to bid?

Would you still miss my voice,
And the cartoon residing in me?
Or will you respond to another choice?
Never thinking what it could be,
Accepting things which could never be?

Would you still treasure my gift,
And the not many pics we took?
Or will your likeness just shift?
And none will be worth a second look,
Like an old read and forgotten book?

Would you still miss my touch,
And the rare time we spent alone?
Or will that be a bit too much?
And better let this not be known,
Like those days were never your own?

Would you still miss moments we never spoke,
And the appologetic chafing silent night?
Or will you abandon this silly bloke?
Who will be a hindrance to your life so bright,
Like the breaking dawn is better than twilight?

Would you still hear to the calls from the train,
And the cute anger when it couldn't be?
Or will these be washed in the next seasoned rain?
And would never even matter to thee,
Like all will be lost and gone with me?

Would you still look up the names we agreed,
And keep me alive through one of those?
Or will they just out run your need?
And bring none of my memories, not even close,
Like those were just names you chose?

Would you still miss my naughtiness,
And the precious punishments I gave?
Or is their worth a bit too less?
And you'll forget all about how I behave,
Like they were never moments to save?

Would you still miss our laugh,
And the reason of smile we shared?
Or will you never relive a life that was half?
And which could not be cared,
Like it was just a challenge you dared?

Would you still wish for my care?
And the nagging obligation to eat?
Or will you accept this defeat?
And never even give me a stare,
Like shying away from confronting life's flare?

Would you still scowl at the days I hurt you,
And the unmanly moments when I did cry?
Or are these reasons too few?
And you will never give it a try,
Like all was fake, all was a lie?

Would you still keep the promise we made?
And the dream of the future we did point?
Or will you forget the words which fade?
And look ahead into the future un-taint,
Like following the spiritualism of a saint?

Would you ever miss my presence in your life?
Would you still rejoice in my love?
Would you still remember how we did strife?
Would you ever miss me, my love,
When I'm gone and look from the skies above?

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what is all this???

Its just a set of questions, nothing more. Don't try to read into it too much.

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