Through my eyes

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Young eyes, small child,
Fewer thoughts, lesser ideas,
More beautiful, more lawful,
This world would seem,
So most ignorant.
Then...through my eyes!

Be under a shade,
And watch this world,
In the light of innocence,
And when the lights are off,
View it in the cold dark,
The hulkish world.

Meet one in the shade,
And, “how good are you!”
Is all you'll hear,
But when there is snow,
And all have lost identity,
You get to see some new faces.
(if its not too muddy).

If the tree gives you fruits,
And sweet, oh its too busy,
But when its spring,
And they too have something,
You sit in one corner,
Munching your past,
While others yielding future.

If you have a help,
And which is a help to others,
They might stick for it,
But remember forever,
When they have their own,
Back they turn,
And walk off in pride.

If you go by this -
“As I, so let others be”,
And if you are bent,
You enjoy the moment,
But innocence pays its price,
Price till the last bit,
That is till you don't comply.

But let me say,
Whats today, might not last,
And there is the failure,
Innocence is wanted,
But crooked always dejected.

P.S. - This was written by me when I was in class 6 or 7. The fact that I got hold of this poem made me write the Long lost... poem, so I guess it is a prequel to it.

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Gourab,I reread the poem after I your remark in the post script. Nice one!

I bet you were terrible disappointed the first time you read it?

Nah! Not disappointed, but, clueless.. Was wondering, why I felt so lost and unable to understand what you meant after reading dozens of your poems! Later, I realized, it made perfect sense to the 12 year old in you!

I totally understand!
Its not your fault.

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