This silence

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Just the mobile static to be heard,
A few clicks from her side,
A bit of lyrics from mine.
Sounds crossing states,
Many a official boundaries,
Several still limits of our own.

Some faults of my own,
Some of her own heart,
Some we never know,
Or never try to own up.

Not wanting to comprehend,
Never trying to ask,
Fearing a greater hurt,
Afraid of making this worse.

Giving each other fake hopes,
Hopes of keep smiling still,
When it can't definitely be.
Imagining the smiles,
We still live with the past.

Figuring what she has to say,
I just remain silent,
Never breaking the trance.
She never speaks,
Thinking it'll be worse for me,
Making my sad heart cry.

We keep it to ourselves,
Individuality preferred over "us",
Crying in this silence,
Moaning inside every second,
Cursing ourselves for this,
This silence we have built,
A barrier keeping "us" apart,
Even as we speak,
Being many a miles away.
Science trying to resolve,
But the issue never gets easy,
We still keep it alive,
This stolid block inside,
This silence.

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