The paper flowers

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I walked through the long night,
Speaking my heart out to my love,
Regardless of the moon's twilight,
Never kissing my rusty skin.
I walked along the rusty metal bars,
Lined with trees unknown,
Feeling the leaves peeking in,
Suddenly I pulled some,
And gave them a casual look.

"Flowers, red paper flowers?"
The air went thinner,
The lights went dim,
My eyes nearly shuttered down,
And I found myself in a trance,
Like I had touched the portkey!

"Johny Johny, yes papa",
A kid plays, hops around,
Feeling the light air,
Holding paper flowers,
And grinding them into pieces,
"Eating sugar, no papa",
Trying to walk the sandy way,
His feet gets clogged into it,
He looks aggressive,
And kicks his shoes off,
"Open your mouth, ha ha ha",
And runs in his childish glee,
And takes control of the sea-saw,
He hits a port key again.

"Yes you can do it,
Break his teeth",
Still fighting his way up,
The child has grown up,
But just by a few years,
To counter his first enemy,
The first fist fight of his life,
Rolling on the pitiful sands,
Trampling the flowers below,
He grabs his collar,
Goes with the punching,
He hits a portkey again.

"This is good, what was its use?"
The boy looks at the remains,
The sands are all nearly gone,
Even the mother of the flowers,
What remained were bits of it.
The sandy park is being shifted,
Moved to a better place,
A place he never played,
But what does that matter,
He would never play again,
"I will what never?"
A dagger presses to his heart,
He clasps his chest in pain,
He hits the portkey again.

"You love her?"
The astonishment fades,
"And the first prize goes to ...",
The smile disappears,
"Hey, we kissed!",
The moisture dries off,
"Where are you going to?"
The pain is inevitable,
"I cannot forget her",
The cries calling back,
"Find the differentiation of ...",
The writings blurs away,
"Wow, I got into the college",
"What? What are you talking?"
The voice was still loud and clear!
"Oh, yes, what, I said something?"

"You said someth............."
The voice seemed so distant again,
I crashed on the grime floor,
Thoughts running to and fro,
A grin spread along my lips,
"I did have a beautiful life,
A life only I could have lived,
And lived even better",
I told to myself.

I felt something in my hands,
I loosened my sweaty grip,
The torn paper flowers lay there,
Lifelessly with no energy left,
Trying to say in their death,
"We took you on a journey,
Do you remember now?"
I smiled at them,
But tears rolled down my eyes,
Dripping on to the deceased,
Like kissing them good bye.

I staggered back up on my feet,
"Hey, what happened to yo....."
The voice still made no sense,
And holding up my palm,
I blew their bits away,
Wishing they move on,
Taking someone along,
To their forgotten past!

And as they floated away,
I whispered in tears,
"Paper flowers,
Thank you".

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wow that was brilliant narration... emotions weaved so beautifully :D well written

Thank you for the appreciation.


Its a brilliant post...straight from the heart....I think this poem is derived from personal experiences...keep writing...


Yes, its definitely a collection of my personal experiences.
Thank you.

Beautiful expression! I am lost at the "You love her?" paragraph, somehow unable to understand the sequence of thoughts in that para. However, a lovely concept with awesome imagination and creativity!

That para actually is the account of my numerous moments of my life, like when my friends were astonished at the fact that I've fallen in love, or I had won a prize, or when I lost the girl I loved, or when solving differentiation in school etc.
Hope you get it now?
Thanks anyway.

yup, now it makes perfect sense to me!


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