Our inconspicuous valentine

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Stranded in my messy room,
Before an old blinking laptop,
Which takes ages to update,
But at least lucky to be online!

Dressed in mighty blue,
Opposed to the traditions,
Of the hearty, pro love, red,
And lucky no one to see!

No streets to walk,
No hands to be held,
No places to go,
No heart beat to be felt.

And even if there was happiness,
The distance spoils the sport,
And yet it would have been better,
Miles above the day it is today.

Watching alone the poetic verses,
Scribbling all nonsense that I want,
The melodies of the air irritates me,
Yet its enchanting fragrance keeps me alive.

Love seems to lurk in shadows,
Fearful of the dazzling light,
Someone hit me straight,
Right at the center of my heart!

Still trying to pacify her,
Calm her pesky thoughts,
Still believing there is time,
Moments to remember still.

But this silence devours all,
The hurt of the soul,
The cry of the heart,
And the love above all.

A soft beginning to the day,
A hot ongoing present,
And now waiting for the end,
Hoping it to be...

A day to be special,
A day not only mine,
A day for our love,
Our inconspicuous valentine.

P.S. - Happy Valentine to all.

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