Noble thought and his counterpart

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"Let her sleep, she needs it,
Her body will bless our soul".
The other one speaks,
"How could she do this to us?
Doesn't she know we want to talk?"

"She is tired of all the arduous exams,
She has to relax just a bit".
The other one argues,
"Was I devoid of the worldly labour,
'Cause I'm in no dreamless slumber"?

"She is too weak and sapless,
She can't take all this pain".
The other one loses no hope,
"So why doesn't she have her food?
When I harp on it everyday in vain?"

"There is no point in waking her,
She won't stand the mortal world".
The fight continues,
"If you want she will do what you say,
But you don't have the courage to do"!

"Sweetheart, are you awake?
Are you feeling too sleepy?"
There is but a casual smile,
"So, that is your way of waking her up?
Couldn't you have sounded more freaky?"

"Yes, I am sleepy dear,
But no, I won't sleep now,
We will talk through the night,
And I'll sleep later in the day,
This is what I want now".

"See, she is willing to talk,
Even when she can't stand it".
A know-all smile flashes,
"And that is what you believe,
'Cause that is what she wants too"!

"Now give it a stop you fool,
You can feel she is sleepy too".
Anger flashes through,
"So why doesn't she play it cool,
And tell she can't talk to you?"

""Cause she is doing her best,
And she can't help it more".
Acting a lot ignorant,
"Yes, but she could try a lot harder,
To try and keep talking to you".

"Dear, are you there?
Are you still listening?
What are you doing now?
I'm feeling sleepy,
I had slept off a bit".

"You should sleep now,
You are too sleepy dear".
I-knew-it smiles all around,
"She still won't sleep,
Like I always said"!

"You are too sleepy,
You have class tomorrow".
Just a casual look,
"Continue, please continue,
That is the best you could do".

"I should really sleep?
I'm feeling sleepy,
I will sleep?
Okay, I'm going to bed,
Good night, sweet dreams".

"Good night, sleep well,
Finally she is off to sleep"!
Looks unanimated,
"So finally over?"
"Shut up, I'm off"!

And so the noble thought walks,
And so does his counterpart,
While I'm left with a bunch of words,
A few recollection of the talks,
And a little of the aching heart!

P.S. - This is posted under the poems category, but I hardly believe its a poem, yet its something really close to my heart. Thanks to Lily and her untimely sleep that helped me to write this.

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WOOOOOOWW! Reminds me so much about Hoopoe, he is the sleepy head between the two of us. However, after a lot of training, I'm learning to sleep on time.

By the way Zave, let me know when you finally do meet me! I would like to know Lily too! Guess, for that,I have to wait for the end of this month!

I hope you can feel my plight!
And ya, I'm still waiting for you to come up.

niceeee...well written....

wow !!!!
mast likha hai yaar...

@nonsensicalrambling & @Dhupa
Thank you for your appreciation.

Well done!

Thank you.

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