My unmarried wife

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The silent look in her eyes,
And the love that I see inside,
Makes me forget this world,
And all the pain that is alive.

The ethereal melodies of her heart,
And the unspoken words too few,
Enthral me in her angelic fragrance,
Like the first fall of the heavenly dew.

The endearing taste of her tongue,
Still lingers on my yearning lips,
And the cruel loss of them,
Falls on my small heart as whips.

The feel of her elegant body,
And the touch of her priceless soul,
Lights up even my dying spirits,
Pulling me out of depression's hole!

The occasional stubborn needs,
And the deadly questions she asks,
Makes me unveil the child within me,
And face this bloody world without masks.

The lashing flames of her fervid anger,
And the calm faith she has in me,
Makes me walk the thorns of truth,
As the heavens would want it to be.

The unending dire thoughts,
And her anxious futuristic dreams,
Brings in even more responsibility,
Making me labour on my life's seams.

The non stop worldly chatter,
And every word of her care,
Makes me believe in the ardent love,
And this cruel fate being a bit fair.

The mere omnipresence of her,
And the role she plays in my life,
Is a blessing I can't even thank,
No less than my unmarried wife!

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feelings which drenched my soul!

Thank you.

woah! Now that is some serious poetry.

Thank you Prateek.

ahem ahem...
really nice....
feelings flare well with words...

Ya, I totally agree with you!

ohhho..apni hi tareef..
compliment in disguise...

Naah. It was an affirmation to your comment.
I sometimes like what I write, this is one of them, so I was proclaiming it.

lovely write ... so beautifully expressed...

WOOOOOWWWW!!! So much said and yet much more left unsaid! Beautiful mix of emotions! Keep it going!

@Rajlakshmi & Sweetness-
Thank you.


Thanks Enchanta.



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