Long lost...

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A long lost pad,
A few forgotten verses,
From the long gone child.
Myriad emotions,
Unburnt innocence,
Baffling interpretations,
Of the unseen world,
Of the unblemished future,
And his conserved present!

A long lost page,
A few pencil scribes,
From the know-all boy.
Subtle thoughts,
Infantile feelings,
Elaborate wishes,
Of the perfect love,
Of the means of labour,
And his majestic life ahead!

A long lost note,
A few jumbled words,
From the amateur poet.
Incorrect spells,
Illegible write,
Unknown meaning,
Of the arduous work,
Of the firm beliefs,
And his own unusual style!

P.S. - Its the sequel to Through my eyes.

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So True!!!

So, finally some comments from you.
I hope to keep writing which you would love.

That is so thoughtful of you dear! I will surely enjoy everything that comes straight from the heart!

mujhe wo copy wali foto bahut acchi lagi...

So, of all the verses, your choice is the pic?
But at least you liked something.


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