Do you see?

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I'm now all covered in a smile,
Greeting the morn with a grin,
And wishing good night in style.
Do you see the flash of white,
And also return me a smile?

I keep a clean shave now,
Miles from all the dirtiness,
I just don't know how!
Do you see the handsome me,
And silently let out a "wow"?

I'm now more into hollywood,
"Titanic" still the best of all,
But there are others which are good.
Do you see the crazy fan in me,
Thinking this is how everyone should ?

I'll soon be a graduate,
Doing things I always wanted,
Leading my career without hate.
Do you see this slaked soul,
Loving at least some part of my fate?

I've grown somewhat tall,
But not to the height I'd love,
But at least I'm not too small.
Do you see the new grown up boy,
And still measure "how tall"?

I'm no more the quiesce boring boy,
Doing all sorts of nonsense,
I'm not even the robotic toy.
Do you see the wit in me,
And the source of all this joy?

I've become a bit bad too,
With the smoke filling up my lungs,
And the kidney with a pegs too few.
Do you see me deteriorate this way,
And still keep looking at the night's dew?

I've learnt a lot more mischief,
Nothing as compared to what you knew,
And lucky for me none will believe.
Do you see this nettling naughtiness,
And try to kick off my hand in disbelief?

I've become a hell lot responsible,
Taking the burden of my family,
And also the world if it was possible.
Do you see the strength in me,
And the deeds I'm truly capable?

I seem to have become a bit brave,
Loving and traveling without parent's will,
And a few other skills none would crave.
Do you see this lovely valour,
And try to imagine how I could behave?

I write even better today,
Writing in better words and depth,
At least that is what some say.
Do you see the mature me,
Describing every turn of my way?

I've started to love again,
With all my yearning heart,
Even though sometimes in pain.
Do you see me loving someone,
And imagine us together all in vain?

I've see a lot of this cruel life,
Faced moments which are quiet rare,
None of which is the regular march to the fife.
Do you see me face this ungrateful world,
And continue living with a lot of strife?

I've cried many a tears,
My heart has bled a lot too,
When I saw reality cross my fears.
Do you see this hurt inside,
And wished you would have been here?

I've spent many a lonely nights.
Thinking alone, talking alone
In the darkness, beyond the lights.
Do you see this lonesome me,
And wish you could descend from the heights?

I'm enjoying every bit of this,
The uncertainty of moments,
The thrills I did once miss.
Do you see the unsure me,
Living ever moment of the bliss?

I've nearly lost your thought,
Memories just going even more dim,
As I really don't think of you a lot.
Do you see the betrayal I offer to you,
And still smile at what you've got?

But I still miss you everyday,
Those days we spent together,
Moments never meant to stay.
Do you see this lamenting heart,
Begging before you to go away?

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