Bled and Bleeding

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"You don't miss me"!
Someone hit it straight,
I tried to stop it,
But it never could be.

Never knew what it meant,
But it passed and went through,
The heart crashed down,
Hoping it knew why it was sent.

"Yes I don't, not as much",
Was all the bleeding could say,
Not wanting to really heal,
Not without her love touch.

It tried to bleed even more,
Trying to prove itself correct,
Letting go of all the love blood,
Losing everything to the core.

It let itself debilitate,
But it still loved her,
And however hard it tried,
It couldn't retaliate.

No love, no care,
I myself tried to nurture,
But such was its look,
I just couldn't stare.

The body all stained,
So was the mind too,
As I moved about to places,
The red blood just rained!

Flowing to where it could go,
Every bit hoping to run from it,
Still believing it can find her,
Before it gets weak and slow.

Frantically searching still,
How to reach her now?
Next to impossible it is,
Like mounting a steep hill.

But still its barely alive,
The heart still keeps bleeding,
But blood just trickles down,
Seems its end will soon arrive.

Not lost faith in her love,
Still craving for her touch,
A silent word of care,
Just a look of its "dove".

Waiting unabashedly in pain,
Looking up at her in silence,
Hoping to beat once more,
To get back to loving again.

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