Yet another day

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An emptiness I can't dare to fight,
Living with unsynchronised heart and mind,
With so much darkness even in this light,
And so I just stand here lost and blind.

Seems I'm lonely even when I'm not,
No one to tell it all or even to talk,
Neither to share my agonizing thought,
Nor someone to accompany me on a walk.

Like all is gone with nothing left,
Someone seemed to have took it all,
But who to blame for this theft,
When I too thought the loses to be small.

I'm short of words to speak out,
Did I really lose my sense to decide?
May be am I wrong in creating this doubt?
Or am I doing it again, just trying to hide?

But there is nothing really wrong,
Its just a feeling which is random,
I can't be always singing a song,
These days will come, though seldom.

Days when nothing could please the heart,
When the heart has stopped, and the mind too,
When the end is unknown, and the so is the start,
When I miss someone, not knowing who?

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i cant get it...

This is something even I can't make you understand. I can tell you this much that this was a product of a sudden swing of mood a few days ago, when I was alone in my room.

take care dear...such mood swings may be dangerous...

Hmmm... I know...

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