Their dream

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They were the ones who fought,
They were the ones who wrought,
To see India and its people free,
From the shade of the British-tree,
To enlighten India with the light of literacy,
To jewel India with the riches of alchemy,
To provide India with peace and calmness,
And to bless the Indians with joy and happiness.
They devoted themselves to this Quest,
To make India "Better than the Best".

But have their dreams come true?
To see the Indians on a ship as a single crew?
Comunalism is in its full form,
It only needs a spark to storm,
The leaders have become corrupt,
They only need some time to erupt,
The rich are increasing their wealth,
The poor are losing their health.
There are crimes tomorrow and today,
Due to the unemployment increasing day by day.
This is the state of the Indian age,
Known for its rich cultural heritage.

O Indians, listen to the agonizing call,
And pledge to help unite you all.
Join hands together to work for the common good,
To provide everyone with the minimum food.
Come lets redeem our fault and follow "Their Quest",
And make India "Better than the Best"!

P.S. - This was my view when I was in Class-VIII (i.e. 7 years ago), and I don't see a substantial change yet, though the problems have just taken different forms.

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Class VIII! It's amazing.......must have really come from the heart.

Yes, quiet like that. Back then I used to be a big India Freak. Not that it has died out now, but definitely the fervor has come down.

its gud types!!


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