Lost and Losing

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I ask myself.
Trying to believe,
This can't be true!
Fate could be cruel,
Seems situations too!
And I bow down to them,
Submit to their power,
While I see myself here,
Nearly defeated once more!

Not that I didn't fight,
I fought with all I had,
With my undying love,
With the best of my patience,
With most understanding,
But I still stay a loser,
Still fighting it hard!

I don't even think!
When once lost,
You live in the fear,
Afraid to lose again!
Killing you every moment,
This disgust from inside,
This inabilty to win,
Handicapped as always!

But at least someone can win,
Let them win over fate,
I'll smile at their prize,
Watching at a distance,
Pretending to be surprised!

And while I look at myself,
Standing on the verge,
Of losing yet again,
Nearly defeated twice,
I sit thinking...
If only I could win,
At least win once in my life!

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i cnt read ur postings...they make me cry...

Don't know what to say?
Umm... Don't read then!
Hope I'll write something someday which will make you laugh as well!

i dnt like ppl breaking up...it hurts..

Ya, thats kind of obvious! Isin't it?

lol...i dnt think so....

Every thing is not as it seems, if people are not together, it doesn't mean they are miles apart, and if people are close together, as in "committed" doesn't mean life is again a bed of roses!

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