Let go...A reality...

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Dreamt it to be this way,
Never knew dreams do come true!
Wished we would be forever,
But the wish didn't come through!

She cries, still does,
This moment when I write,
And I blame myself for that,
This guilt I cannot even fight!

Letting go is never easy,
Takes every inch of you to burst,
Left over is a basket of love,
And a little belief, a bit of trust!

Let her smile is all I want,
'Cause I can do the same,
How can I make her understand?
She just takes all of the blame!

Thriving thoughts in a dilemma,
Crying in her silence forever,
How long can I hope it continue?
What if it didn't stop, never?

Pretending to be happy?
Is that happiness for her?
Or caring for every other person?
Is that her destiny forever?

She says she is happy this way!
Seeing one happy, one sad,
And herself she doesn't even care!
Is life going to be so bad?

Then why not let go?
Trusts will definitely break,
So will a few hearts too,
But it'll be at least true, not fake!

Why live the way no one can?
Where no one is happy forever!
A day to laugh out, others to cry,
Which seems could end never!

Letting go of you now,
Live the life guilt free,
And I promise you this,
You'll be happy where you be!

I'll always be by your side,
Watching every step you take,
Walking in the shadows,
That is the life you could make!

And when its about me,
I'm happy like never before,
My friends crowding my view,
Never letting the sadness score!

Move away and throw the guilt,
Where no one could find it,
But while you live to the fullest,
Remember we'll always remain "gits"!

P.S. - Its the sequel to "Let go...".

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m sry dear....bt dnt know y ur saying ur happy..or even ok..
this poem reflects such grt pain...

Ya, being happy in pain I suppose. I dont know how I should be, so just trying to be normal.

take care..

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