Just nothing

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I'm ploughing so hard,
To sow seeds of love,
To try and love again,
But all gets washed away,
In the cruel torentious rain!

I'm searching frantically,
To find some hope,
To renew a little faith,
But they remain hidden,
In fear of the truth's bate!

I'm trying really hard,
To look into humour of life,
To just smile once again,
For my mom looking at me,
But all goes down in vain!

I press my small ears,
To my warm strong chest,
To hear the red heart beat,
But there is just one sound,
Sound of the heart's retreat!

I believe I can sleep,
To dream for its sake,
To at least get some hope,
But my eyes never get tired,
Seems its time to get a dope!

I roll my tongue over,
To get some taste,
To enjoy what I eat,
But all I get is water,
Which no taste can beat!

I try to care for myself,
To buckle up for the interview,
To just get a good score,
But I end up caring for none,
As I've stopped caring any more!

There is no love,
'Cause there is no taker!
There are no thoughts,
'Cause none crowd my mind!
There are no emotions,
'Cause none pierce my heart!
There are no prayers,
'Cause I can wish no more!
There are no words,
'Cause I long to hear no more!
There are no dreams,
'Cause I can sleep no more!
There is no hunger,
'Cause I can eat no more!
And there is no me,
'Cause I've life no more!

A big void in me.
Bigger than a black hole,
Darker than the pitch,
Lighter than the feather,
A void greater than ever!

Just nothing!
That is what I feel,
That is what I think,
That is what I love,
That is what I hate,
That is what I do,
That is what I hope,
That is what I hear,
That is, what I am!

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gourob...have u had a brk up??
i mean ...r u fyn???
ur postings are tough to read...

Ya, I'm absolutely fine. And I didn't have a breakup, evrything is just normal!

then its a fictious poem...nt ur xperience....am i right??

n if everythings normal...hw cn u behave as if towards zero??

No, its not fictitious. Its exactly what I felt during the December '09, my true feelings! I hardly write something fictitious, and publish it under the label "myself"!

then hw can u say everythings alright??
r u insane??

Arey, it was something that happened THEN. And it was sorted out. I'm good now. As I said, its based on dec '09.

oops....m sry...

No probs!

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