Just die

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Everything is perfectly normal,
'Cause there are no tears in my eyes!

Just a bit of stinging pain,
At the center of my heart,
Like someone is pressing on,
Trying hard to drive the dagger,
Through this stupid heart of mine,
And waiting for me to die!

There is only a hint of emotion,
Like someone has burnt them all,
And what remains are the ashes,
And a bit of its hateful fragrance,
Which still keeps the heart alive,
Even in pain and then slowly die!

There is also a mindful brain,
Which refuses to be productive,
Scheming against its own master,
Showing nothing but the emptiness,
Stretching my agony to its limit,
Till I give up on it and die!

My eyes searching frantically,
For something it could love,
But all it finds is just darkness,
And the mercilessly ticking clock,
Bringing me away from this life,
And giving me less time to die!

But I endure it all by myself,
The heartless dagger pushing through,
The ashes of emotions full of pain,
The thinking mind in loss of thoughts,
And the searching eyes failing every time,
Sometimes wondering if I even exist!

If no one cares to be with me any way,
Then why to live this life unsupported,
When no one wants me to even survive,
Isn't it better to end it all and just die?

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