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Move away from me,
Walk down the streets,
Even though not for me,
I'll still live this life!

Throw everything of me,
Throw my heart out if you can,
But you'll stay here with me,
I'll still keep you safe!

However bad you might be,
However people may explain,
However hard you try to,
I'll still never hate you!

Being there when you need,
When you don't expect me,
Even when you are not,
I'll still be with you!

Erase all my writings,
Forget me if you can,
At least I can never do,
I'll still remember you!

Long enough I can do,
Even when I know the future,
Knowing that its just a dream,
I'll still wait for you!

Though the heart wants not to,
It can never hope at least,
'Cause my heart is just with you,
I'll still love you always!

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"Though the heart wants not to,
It can never can hope at least"

This dilemma, understandably, troubles the heart a lot.

These feelings are so true and seems like you've been through them.

Yes, been through, actually kind of living through it!

i wanted to say nice poem...

Nice meaning?

pata nahi yaar...
the emotions are well put up in lines...

Okay. Why is that "but..." at the end?

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