Her gift

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When no place can hold,
The sky is the limit,
And that is all left here.
A sky once with sun shine,
Brings in a cold winter night,
And yet I bask in the ice!
But I walk all alone,
Slowly, dragging on,
Breathing the dust,
Smelling the exhaust.
Marking my steps,
As its easy to retrace.
The view all foggy,
I can't see a thing,
Even in the brightness,
That I hated to be in.
Light illuminates myself,
My outer and inner one,
One which I can't see,
And don't actually want!
So all I'm now trying,
Is hope that I walk,
The seemingly right road!
And so I just move on,
Following others on track,
Trying to get to destiny,
Which is yet unknown.
Always looking around,
To find myself alone,
When I can run away,
When no one knows,
When it hurts no more!

Pushing off the crowd,
Trying to find a way,
Like I had tried it,
All through the day!
Many things to eat,
But I'm not hungry.
Many ways to look,
But I'm in no hurry.
So many people I see,
But none of them matter.
I wonder lifelessly,
At the bubbling fair!
With none to talk to,
With nothing to share!

There is humour,
But I don't smile.
There is sadness,
But I don't cry.
There is no feeling,
My mind is numb,
My lips are sealed,
My heart is silent,
Either none to talk,
Or nothing to say,
Actually cant decide.
So much to think too,
But thoughts elude me,
They never come my way!

Feeling alone again,
After a long time,
Since I fell in love!
As someone had said,
"Love does fall away,
Keeps you lonely!
Neither do you lose it,
Nor do you own it,
Hanging in nowhere,
Trying to find a way back,
Trying to own it again,
Or find a place out,
To lose it all forever!"
And I can do either,
'Cause its all for her,
For her happy face!
But when its today,
I'm alone any way.
But ever basking in love,
Love which I know exist,
Love which is everything,
My existence and extinction!

I don't want to look,
I don't want to read,
I can't see her face,
I can't read her scribes!
I had wished for once,
She was not with me!
For once I wished,
She could go back,
Where she wanted to,
Live her life guilt free!
I wished again and again,
So that I could cry out,
And get over this,
This numbness I'm in!
I wished so much,
That I could just smile,
And show my caring mom,
That I'm still happily alive!

And this is still to end,
A day I'm still stuck in,
A day I better get over with,
A day I shouldn't speak,
A day I'll never forget,
A day I never wanna relieve,
And its not just another day,
A day, supposedly her gift!

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I really cant get u in the lines of this poem...
wat happened??
u seem so different from what i usually u are..

Well it was a crysis in my life during December end '10. Its about that. Just some random true feelings of my heart at that moment!

pata nah gourob...bt u know what ur postings are making me a regular visitor of ur blog...

Thats good I suppose, atleast someone is taking the pain to read what I write!

Its gud reading ur blog...coz u say u dnt write fictious stuff bt ur own xperiences...

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