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Emptiness is all I see,
I'm invisible from every being,
Except the inescapable me.
Seems the darkness in the air,
Welcomes the other dormant evil,
The evil which resides within me,
The darkness within me, inside!

Now is the time to wake up,
To nurture the devil inside,
To look through the fiery eyes,
The thoughts eying for revenge,
As I look upon my guardian,
The darkness for my strength,
When I can strike at their hearts,
Strike with all my power,
To see them quiver and die,
Happy to finally get back at them,
Amidst the darkness of my life.

I slip away conspicuously,
None has a hint of me,
For once I lift my head high,
Happy to live with all my faults,
Glad to escape all my guilts,
And boasting the goodness inside.
While my heart is relieved too,
Darkness masking my dirty blood,
Pumping venom into my veins,
Twisting every inch to someone,
I can't ever dare recognize.
And I still live here in the dark,
Never inquiring if its the truth,
Never daring to ask myself, "why?"

Swinging like a pendulum,
I droop down again,
Hang my head in shame,
The glow of my inner self,
Trying to tear apart the veil.
I close my eyes trying to live,
Relive the darkness inside,
But like the flicker of a candle,
Truth infests the boastful devil.
And I give up the futile run,
Taking the blame again,
Apologizing the dark and the dead,
Washing their wounds with tears,
Enveloped still in the warmth,
And the cold gift of the darkness.

I walk away,
Darkness showing no way,
Seems I'm on my own,
Just like before my birth day.
And I look at the darkness,
Praying to help me still,
"If only I could be one with it,
Living this life in shadows,
Away from all love and pain,
And die without a hint!"

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