Everything is you

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Traveling alone,
My mind seems so heavy,
Yet my heart is not!
My brain has a lots to think,
Be it the unsure future,
Or the mournful past!
But my heart is not my own,
I've given up its possession,
It now rests in peace and love,
Its with someone I trust!

I look out in the dark,
No sight seems familiar,
Only a face that haunts me,
One cute face I'm afraid of,
Not for the fear of the loss,
But 'cause I miss that face,
And I cant miss it more,
I've cried a lot,
And I don't want to cry more.

This scorching heat!
I'm sweating like a horse,
And smelling like a pig
Yet your words make me smile,
Your voice cools me down,
I forget all my world,
And I think of you,

And if I write,
Which I do often do,
Its only for you!
'Cause I cant say anything more,
I write what I think,
I spell what I believe,
And my thoughts are you,
You are the one I believe!

The hills I see,
The wind I feel,
The tunnels I cross,
I don't know how?
But make me remember you!

Some one reads the "New moon",
And you love it,
Someone is speaking out,
And you are just like it,
Someone said it correct,
"The world is as you see"!
And in the hope of seeing you,
In the wish of loving you,
Everything seems you!

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AWESOME!!!!! I'm totally hooked...

This is a must read for Hoopoe! I imagined Hoopoe writing it to me and WOWWWW! it felt incredibe!

Hope Hoopoe writes something even better than this.

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