Account - 5th October and forever

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Walking down the streets,
A confident girl comes in,
Dressed in valour and blue,
Quiet a day about to begin!
Sweetness dripping down,
Excitement growing still,
Emotions all over her face,
Need no colours to fill!

A situation to adapt,
A few steps to match,
A lot to speak up,
And a few words to catch!
He had planned a lot,
But leaves it to her,
"Now its to the hotel",
Hope she plans forever!

Two souls together,
No one else to say,
Is it really a reality?
Or just his mind's off day?
Doors all closed,
The curtains drawn out,
A chewing gum got stuck?
Or a perfume he can't live without?

This love they know,
Is forever to stay,
Arms wrapped around,
Never lets them part away!
Their hands in hand,
Just feeling the touch,
"I love you",
A phrase can mean so much?

Their faces cross,
Eyes go blind,
There goes the kiss,
Hope none did mind?
A little warm touch,
A bit of moist air,
A lovely union of two,
Among a few fallen hair!

Too much to say?
Put that in writing,
A born saviour for them,
When all go down fighting!
But when she is around,
Reading is not a cake walk too,
'Cause concentration keeps falling,
Ranging from none to a few!

A bit of mischief,
A bit of kiss,
And lots of love,
That none could miss!
A bit of anger,
A bit of doubt,
And lots of fun,
To be busy throughout!

A bit of laziness,
A bit of bravery,
And lots of freedom,
'Cause there is no slavery!
A bit of surprise,
A bit of pleasure,
And a lot to keep busy,
With no time for leisure!

A bit of smell,
A bit of touch,
And a lots of care,
That it seemed too much!
A bit of moaning,
A bit of tears,
And a lots to smile,
Without the fears!

A feeling of happiness,
A sense of relief,
And such were the things,
That its difficult to believe!
They just wanted happiness,
They didn't want any money,
The only thing they craved for,
Was each others company!

Two days was all they got,
Fifteen hours to be precise,
Where even fifteen lifetimes,
They wouldn't despise!
But at least they care,
Keep loving each other,
Moving towards the future,
Taking some steps further!

Heavy shoulders,
Paining lips,
A cramped back,
And tired hips!
The close up smile,
The watery eyes,
A stream of feelings,
That never dries!

A few heart breaks,
Some consolations,
And a lots of promises,
Without confirmations!
He'll come back,
He definitely will,
Else how could he survive,
While he loves her still!

So they part again,
But in the physical sense.
They'll still be together,
In the past and future tense!
I hope they meet again,
I'm waiting for the account,
To write a poem for you all,
For the handful I can count!

The lost girl

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She looks lost,
Her big eyes wonder,
They steer round,
Surfing the square,
The new market square,
Trying to think,
"What is next?"
Wearing a disgusted look,
On her defeated face,
Like a small child,
Who just lost her toy!

Dressed in green,
Her loose top,
Making her look fat!
Her blue denim,
Touching the ground.
Her black belt,
Hanging from her waist.
And her high heels.
Complementing her well.
She wears a bag,
Carries it rather reluctantly,
A small piece of cloth,
Hanging from it,
Betraying her secrecy.

She looks again,
With overturned lips,
But this time in anger,
Looking jealous of people,
Of those who are walking,
Moving confidently,
Knowing their line of action.
'Cause she is lost,
She is really lost!
Why is this?
Why is she lost?
She hates her even more,
And her face tells it all!

She walks hesitantly,
Walks towards the cones,
The ice cream cones!
She tilts her head left,
Stares at the hoarding,
Trying to decide,
She couldn't still,
And now she does.
She turns around,
Walks opposite to it,
Walks towards the tailor.
She turns again,
This time to her left,
Moves further forward,
Stops near a tiny lane.
She seems to search,
Search something,
Even she can't decide.

She stares down the lane,
Biting her lower lip,
She looks again,
Taking her hand up,
To kiss her chin,
Which moves slowly up,
Goes up to her lips,
Wetting her finger,
And suddenly comes down.
She walks down the lane,
She seems confident,
After ages of confusion!

She goes up to a man.
A man dressed,
Rather wrapped in cloth,
Huge untidy beard,
Grey, not 'cause of age,
But 'cause of the dust.
He seems too puzzled,
But looks expectantly,
With pleading brown eyes,
His lips trying to move,
But his voice choked out.
She pulls a cloth,
The one that hung out.
Its a silky scarf,
But a hell lot long,
And presents it to him,
He doesn't think,
Just extends his hands,
And takes it,
Then inspecting it,
What use could it be?
He seems happy,
Having found something,
He turns around,
Walks out of scene.

She returns,
Goes back to the tailor,
Seemingly content!
Did she want that?
To dispose off her cloth?
But there was this strange,
Happy face when she gave it,
It was more than disposing,
That is donating!
And I loved that look!

She unzips her bag,
Pulls out something,
A cloth to be precise,
And a long one too!
Seems to be a saree.
I don't contemplate,
Their is no use,
Her deeds are strange,
And let it be so!
I just look on her,
Watch her strangled,
In the loop of silk.
She twists and turns,
Unwrapping herself,
I just give a smile.
Finally she gets done,
A bit of negotiations,
And all is settled.

Now its scary,
She is walking,
Walking towards me,
And I keep staring,
Watch her move,
Her hair locks swaying,
Her eyes still wandering,
This time in curiosity!
And she looks,
She looks straight,
Right into my eyes.
I should back off,
But I don't.
I look at her,
With a pleading smile,
Trying to ask more,
Where does she go?
Why does she go?
Why do I look at her?

She smiles,
Smiles sweetly at me,
Trying to say,
"Poor boy, curious!"
And walks away,
I want to follow,
And I would,
If only I could!
Lots to worry about,
I move away,
Away from her way,
Looking at her,
As she withers away.

Everything is you

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Traveling alone,
My mind seems so heavy,
Yet my heart is not!
My brain has a lots to think,
Be it the unsure future,
Or the mournful past!
But my heart is not my own,
I've given up its possession,
It now rests in peace and love,
Its with someone I trust!

I look out in the dark,
No sight seems familiar,
Only a face that haunts me,
One cute face I'm afraid of,
Not for the fear of the loss,
But 'cause I miss that face,
And I cant miss it more,
I've cried a lot,
And I don't want to cry more.

This scorching heat!
I'm sweating like a horse,
And smelling like a pig
Yet your words make me smile,
Your voice cools me down,
I forget all my world,
And I think of you,

And if I write,
Which I do often do,
Its only for you!
'Cause I cant say anything more,
I write what I think,
I spell what I believe,
And my thoughts are you,
You are the one I believe!

The hills I see,
The wind I feel,
The tunnels I cross,
I don't know how?
But make me remember you!

Some one reads the "New moon",
And you love it,
Someone is speaking out,
And you are just like it,
Someone said it correct,
"The world is as you see"!
And in the hope of seeing you,
In the wish of loving you,
Everything seems you!
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