Lucky Me....

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Well, going by train,
And if U were a boy,
What would excite U?
Yes that is it!

Small by age,
But of course not a sage,
Yet quiet like it,
With the innocence, purity & all that shit!
But I like it,
Not that I'm so,
Yet who could resist that bit?

Like a blank board ready to be scribbled,
Like an empty porch,
Where ever U can sit!
Like a blank verse...
U can make it rhyme!
Like the worlds in your hands,
Do as U like.....anytime!


For those who know me,
They know my rhymes!
A tight lipped fellow...
And for some a pure Buffalo...
Do not know what to say & when!
Hence just gave some glances,
But not more than nine or ten!
Oh yes, and the words I say...
"There",..."That way"...!

And some more things to go,
The same old swing,
Like a flight with half-wings!
And with the age old creaks,
Made me swear to a few fictitious freaks!

And talking of freaks...
They are all about you,
Perfect... very few!
Some have attitude!
Some with a heavy heart!
While some have everything...
From which they cant part!

You get to see all types here!
Some short, some sweet...
Some reaching above six feet!
Some bubbling with joy,
Others with fear,
Of the exam they are to clear!
Some are often mute,
While at least some are so cute...
That you would give your life,
To make her your wife!!!

And yet can it be "Lucky Me"?
Lucky are we to live a life,
To have some feelings & some rights!
For its not always pleasure to move around,
To see the world shake,
And its people being tossed around!
People begging for mercy,
Begging for their life,
For some more brothers...
While all the way they strife,
To live a life of others!
To enjoy the day, the now,
While we think of the past & future...
Only we know how?

And to say the least when I grew lonely,
Thinking of this broken wing,
I slept hard,
Dreaming of the Prince, Princess & the ring!

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