Too far, too close

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I'm alone,
Writing in my loneliness,
Writing in this dark,
Where no one sees,
No one knows,
Save me!

I miss you, I know!
Too far away from me!
Smiling too sweetly,
But I can't see your smile,
Walking in the rain,
But I can't feel your cold feet,
Looking at this strange world,
But I can't see your wondering eyes,
Your heart racing on,
But I can't hear it beat,
So far away from me,
Many a miles apart!

And yet you are too close,
Closer than you can dream,
Where I can feel you,
Where I can hear you,
Where I can see you,
Every passing moment,
Here, just by my side!
Sneaking in the shadows,
Walking the streets of my heart!
Seems like "you are here",
"Oh no, might be there",
Always making me smile!

Everytime I stare at a girl,
And judge she is cute,
I have a weird feeling,
Like I'm guilty,
Of crime I never knew!
I smile at myself,
"Why did I feel so?"
I turn the other way,
Like I was lost,
And rightly so,
Better lost than being caught!
I smile again and walk away!

My hands moving fast,
My pen even faster,
Notes, notes, notes...
Its high time,
I better study else leave!
Suddenly I pause,
"What am I writing?
A subject I know, fine,
But what else?"
That is something I never did,
Not in my past atleast,
But future will see a lot of it!
I smile yet again,
"Why am I thinking even in class?
At least study here!"
I scold myself!
But this mind never knows,
That my heart is just this,
A bit too small for love!
I continue writing,
"At least I'm writing,
Better than nothing at all!"

Yet not all times the same!
Like the changing seasons,
My heart stays cold,
On days of the frosty cold winds,
But under the burning sun,
My heart melts away!
I can't take it anymore,
Enough of it have I had,
I just want you,
My heart seems too small,
To hold my feelings,
It'll erupt leaving me dead!
I don't care about the world,
I don't care anyone save you,
I just want to see you!
I want to run away,
No matter how foolish I may seem,
Want to run like a child,
And jump into your arms,
And hold you tight!
Like I'm obsessed,
Obsessed with your voice,
Like I'm mad,
Madly in love with you,
Like I'm crazy,
Crazy about you!
I'll hold you like never before,
Where I can feel your touch,
When I can touch you,
Where I can feel your love,
When I can love you,
Where I can always smile,
When I can make you smile!

And then your own presence,
Like you are omnipresent,
Your aura all around me!
And like the rains,
Washing away my tears,
With your own!
I can feel your love,
Warming my heart,
Making me smile once more,
Making me write,
And always smiling,
Trying to calm me,
Trying to say,
"I'm there, dear,
I'm there only for you,
Why do you fear?"

And yes,
I think with a bigger smile,
"She is, obviously,
She is at least in my life!
What would I've done,
If, if she was not,
Now at least she is with me,
What if not with me now?
What if I can't see her everyday?
I can at least feel her with me!
What if I cant kiss her today?
I can do that any ways!
What if I cant hold her right now?
I'll hold her for the life!
What if I cant see her smile?
I can at least be a reason for it!
What if I she is not with me now?
We have still a lifetime!
I can call her my own,
I can say she is mine,
And she ever will be,
I can shout at the top of my voice,
"I love you",
And she'll not even mind,
Just give a cute smile,
And reply....."....

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How honest and true to your feelings!


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