Stairway to ...

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Like I never had,
Waiting just to hear you,
That one word of love from you,
The one which means the world to me!

Thinking of you,
All that I have of you,
And all that I will ever have,
All that I will be able to give you!

Like a small child,
Without a spot of bother,
What others might think of me,
'Cause its just you who matters to me!

Trying to do so,
Remain happy always,
That is what I keep on saying,
Doubting if I ever will succeed doing!

Realizing its worse,
Worse for you to be away,
Without a single word from me,
Just like its a nightmare even for me!

Watching my mobile,
Its bright light fading away,
Just like every moment disappears,
Every silent moment of my lonesome days!


Just keep smiling,
Rejoicing where you are,
I'm waiting, still there only for you,
Waiting for you to come up and speak!

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