Hating you!

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"You are great"!
Are you trying to ridicule me?
"What is bad in you?"
Just start counting!
"I'm not that good",
I can't believe that dear!
"I'm bad",
For me you never can be!
Its so simple!
Can't you understand me?

I'm not here to hate you,
So I don't count your mistakes,
I never keep track,
Of the times you've hurt me!
I don't want to point,
To every small mistake,
And see you sad!
Yes, you are correct,
Yes, you can convince me,
But you don't have to,
You just have to spell out,
What ever it may be!
Yes, you can get what you want,
I want that too,
To give you all before you can ask,
Only to see you smiling!
I love you sweetheart,
So I see your love for me,
For love can defeat all,
So I believe in it,
The one thing that I see,
The one thing I crave from you,
For all others will follow!

You have acted bad,
I know when,
Just 'cause I don't say,
Doesn't mean I don't know!
But what is its use?
To think of the past?
To feel dejected?
Something I need to forget!
Something I don't need in my memories!
And that is what I do,
Never look back!

Yes you don't get me every time,
You don't understand,
That should make me think,
You are not the way I wanted,
I've failed to get what I wanted,
"The one" is just not right!
But I don't!
'Cause my heart speaks,
It speaks in favour of you,
And knowing it speaks less,
I give it every thought I can!
If people living with me,
For more than three long years,
Cannot feel me yet,
How can I expect you,
To be correct every time!

Does that hurt you?
Does it hurt, I don't know you?
Does it make you unhappy?
Then let it hurt,
I'll rather hurt you not knowing,
Rather than hurting every time,
When I curse you,
Saying you are mean,
Proving you are bad,
Making you feel guilty!
I can't do that dear,
Whatever you think,
Whatever you believe,
I cant do the impossible,
"Hate you"!

You say,
"I'm bad, I'm mean"!
Doesn't make me feel like a saint!
I've my mistakes I commit,
Things I know are wrong,
Yet I do,
You are too far away,
Even to know that!
I can't explain,
'Cause I don't!
I keep it to me,
Fearing people will get hurt,
Still trying to change,
Every moment, everyday!
At least you say,
What ever it is you have!
Just feel me,
See my plight,
I can't even say,
Not even to you,
Never can...
I'm that way,
Hate me or love me,
I'll change,
But over time,
I don't know the deadline!

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Ha! I like it! Keep writing! Who knows maybe one day I will see this nowel.

Thank you for the encouragement! :)

Speechless!! You know Zave, that's the way my Hoopoe felt too! I hurt him a lot!

I can totally understand.
I get somewhat an idea.

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