Being terribly calm...

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My stupid mind,
My non-existent heart,
And hence my silent lips!

This is killing me!
I can't speak,
I can't think,
I can't feel,
I just can't!

I even don't know,
If I even want to write,
And what rubbish I write!

I was actually calm,
Really calm,
I thought all was right,
I was fine!
I still am,
Never seemed better,
At least felt like this,
Like a boy lost,
Lost in his emptiness,
And yet its his life,
Nothing less than great!

'Cause I had a believe,
Days would go away,
Just with the snap,
Of my small fingers!
And yet,
There are many more to go!
And I've lost my sanity,
Thanks to my nature,
My terribly calm nature!

I don't know,
If this all makes sense,
I never wanted to write this,
I wanted a friend,
Someone who can listen,
Listen to all this!
But I dare not bore them!
They'll be terrible at this,
I mean listening this!

I'm stuck!
Stuck like,
Not a "chewing gum",
Definitely not!
There I go again,
And welcome to my calmness,
Where I'm really calm,
And alone,
And lonely,
And yet living,
And I've no idea how,
And I don't know why,
And I've gone mad!

And so,
I better be silent!

But never mind,
I'm doing great,
I'm doing fine,
And please don't bother,
To come up and ask,
Why am I so gone?
I won't answer that!
I'm really calm,
But in my own way!

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Hmmmmmm....... understood your calm..

Glad you did!

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