Aimless poetry for you

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Its for you, only you,
You are all over me weighing over a ton,
The source of every small thought,
The tip of every feeling's horizon.

I know its a fresh wound,
And I'm definitely not icing it!
Writing like some psychic power drives me,
Drives me towards thee!

I will get around this,
I hope as I know,
Its just that the thoughts are so strong,
I just wonder which seeds you did sow!

I'm not trying to reason out,
'Cause my mind has stopped doing so,
Something I shouldn't cherish,
But I thank my mind for this no show!

Its quiet dramatic what I feel,
Strange enough for me to feel,
I see your face pop up everywhere,
Seeming to break my heart of steel!

I never found myself so helpless,
Wanting for support,
A day has nearly passed,
Making me realize this is no sport!

Seems actually a lot strange,
I'm not falling short of word,
'Cause expressing hasn't been my past,
And in this I always act like a nerd!

I know what I write,
But don't know if it makes sense!
Ya, that is right, the sense after all,
That seems like some ancient past tense!

Its fine, I've began this,
But I definitely know not its end,
'Cause I write so aimlessly,
Following none of my known trends!

And so, when I seem to finish this,
I see you still smiling at me,
As if calling on to continue,
Continue just for the sake of thee!

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Well said! Keep going!

@ Platon-
Thanks. I hope to keep doing so.

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I've written what I could,
Its time you write what you want,

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