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Sleep, its away a million mile!
Be calm, that is what I try!
With thoughts I can't stop,
Which come back to make me smile!
Thoughts, which sometimes make me cry!

We can make a hell out of Heaven!
And that is what I'm doing now,
Its difficult to explain,
Months passed - not even seven!
And I miss her every second now!

Getting suspicious of every wisp of air,
Which might give her an unpleasant taste!
For I can't stand her pain!
Even though it might look its not fair,
Like she'll say, "Its a time you waste"!

But, enough were the reasons I had given her to hate,
Enough were the miseries that I had lend,
Miseries which flowed as pain and tears!
Pain, that she took as her fate,
And tears, which never seemed to end!

And I always repent those days,
Those days which could develop a crack,
A crack I never wanted to own!
'Cause I never liked those ways,
Days I wish I could take back!

But I've buried that past,
In the grave by love and trust,
Dug with the hands of time,
Which is getting covered steady and fast,
With the never ending smile's rust!

And now that I've fell in love with her,
Let me tell you why?
Let me explain you all,
Why I couldn't run away from her?
Even though once I did try!

She tells me things no one had said ever,
The things alien even to me!
She is like my inner self!
And that is why I love her,
That is why I turned the "I" into "we"!

She understands me like no one before,
She knows exactly what I feel,
Knows me better than myself,
And for all my emotions she has a cure,
And there is not even a single she can't heal!

She is a preserver of my history,
Like a part of my archeological crew,
She brings myself to me!
Where the best of me remains no mystery,
While I stare at the old me and the new!

She loves me so much that I don't keep track,
Of the time it has been there or born!
And I can't deny her love!
'Cause it takes a lot to bring back,
The one who was nearly lost and gone!

Now I love her more than everyone,
Love her the way she is,
And so strong is that love,
That I can't let her go with anyone,
For I know what I'll miss!

And if she lets go of this any day,
I'll walk "A thousand Miles",
Trying to win her back,
But if she is too far away,
I'll let her be where she smiles,
For its all that I wish,
While I'll still be waiting here,
Living in the feeling that we were once in love,
Even though she'll hate me for saying this,
This is just what I am my dear!

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