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Its confusing,
What I write,
What I say,
Its tough explaining,
Friends to fight for,
To die...

Its confusing,
I can't explain!
Emotions I know,
Seem empty,
Its something new,
And as I'm drunk,
The words are few!

I now pen for my friends,
Resetting all trends,
Telling the truth,
Finding friends I hate,
Friends, I love,
And hate I had not met,
To make my day,
And everyday,
To a heaven of hell,
A hell of life,
And a heaven of ash tray!

I hate them for togetherness,
Why I'm not like them?
Why can't I love,
And feel the oneness?
To fell their heart beat,
And their love...
To go on for them to the street/1

And never think I'm finished,
As I'm not,
I'll come back to haunt,
To taunt,
Everyone I love,
My friends above all,
And then.....

P.S. - I wrote this when I was in second year, while I was drunk!

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