Retracing steps

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"My life has moved on,
But I'm still there hanging,
On to my beautiful past!"
She whispers everyday,
Silently, and in loneliness,
Scared of being over heard!
She is tired of rules,
Which restrict her life,
She wants to be free again,
Live a life of fame!

She cant be like this!
Her thoughts can't wonder,
Searching for a better now,
While the future teases her,
Challenges her to move in!
Like a beast in waiting,
Wanting the prey come a bit close,
And then tear it to pieces,
Spill out its blood,
And chew the hacked
Leaving on some bits,
For the scavengers to feed!

Her gifted mind seems worthless,
Her ambition bears no fruit!
There is nothing which can test her,
Its like a stagnant pool,
The water is clear,
But is calm, undisturbed,
'Like it has got no use!

Her heart is the one in flames,
Ignited by love,
Now fueled by betrayal!
But her heart wants to love still,
Her heart wants to be loved,
But trust is what she can't find!
She is scared of it,
Trust and be betrayed!
She is tired of trusting,
Once which seemed her hobby!
She was warned,
Warned of heartbreak!
But she saw the future,
The bright side of life,
Leaving behind the dirt,
Emerging from the shadow of the past!
But she forgot,
History repeats itself!
And so it did...

Now she seeks refuge,
In the still dark past,
'Cause she is aware of it,
Past plays no pranks,
It shows as it is!
Live or leave it,
That is up to you!
She lives, never leaves!
Can't face the dazzling future,
She once was crazy about!
She slowly retraces her steps,
Trying to start again,
From where things went right,
Now seemingly wrong!

Severing all ties with the present,
To see the future anew!
A future she'll nurture,
Thinking of her past,
Glowing and dark!

And here I am,
Watching her journey,
As she steps back and forth!
I want to mark the path,
Guide her through her life,
Show her a better way,
As I always wanted to,
Walk by her side,
Never let her out of my sight!
But she has to ask,
Show the trust I saw then,
And as my hands are served,
I can't hold her hands,
But will show her the way,
Guide her through,
Whispering along the way,
I'm there...
I was always...
I always will...

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