Let go...

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"I love you!
I always will!"
I still repeat,
But only in whispers,
In my silent, dark loneliness,
Where I stand alone,
Still loving her,
Even though now deserted!
'Cause I love her,
I want to see her smile,
Whether in my arms,
Or where her heart shall lie!

I gaze back,
Plunge deep into my past,
When I saw her smile,
Smiling for me!
When I felt her heart,
Beating for me!
When I looked into her eyes,
Searching for me!
When I heard her speak,
Spelling my name!
When I felt her lips,
Kissing me again and again!
When I loved her,
And she loved me, forever!

Its history now,
That will never repeat!
My heart knows it well,
'Cause I was the one to plan it!
I gave up all for her,
Though she never asked!
I don't regret it,
I will never do!
It was my choice,
To be with her,
And see her live,
Or, to let her go,
And see her love!
"Its better to see her smile,
Shimmering at a distance,
Then not to see at all",
I thought!
And so I etched a plan,
To get them together again!
While I was happy to be the best man!

'Cause I could feel her love,
A love made for him,
A love which still loved him!
Even though she never said,
'Cause she never did realize,
But my heart had read,
The love for him inside!
And that is why,
I turned her love,
To the way it should be,
Towards her true love,
Which was definitely not me!

She loved him,
From time immemorial,
Before love she could know!
But don't know why things went wrong,
She was alone in the raining snow!
Where I saw her crying,
Lonely and dejected!
I was a ray of hope,
Mistaken as love,
Committed by us, both!
And while I loved her,
Loved her with all I had,
She never really could,
'Cause she had no heart,
Her heart was still with him,
Someone she couldn't part!

So here I am again,
Walking these empty streets,
Walking alone!
Feeling the grasses she tread upon,
Smelling the trees she leaned on,
Watching the book she wrote on,
Listening to her favourite song!
Doing all this and more,
Yes, with a heavy heart!
But with this much relief,
That she is smiling somewhere,
Smiling with her heart,
And I do have a hand in it,
Even though just a little part!

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