I miss you!

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Its difficult to say this,
To say I cry like a child!
You'll not believe your eyes,
To see me suffer so much!
My sleepless eyes all red,
My sad face going blue,
My unspoken words drying out,
And my mad minds got no clue!
And yet I write my love,
I write it only for you!

And the way I've become,
I can blame it on one,
For I know its who,
And so you should too,
But I know too well,
What you feel,
Might be worse than me!
And don't let me guess.....
'Cause I'm not the best to do!
For I've friends to share my sorrow,
But you lack a lot of that too!

I watch a movie,
Feeling so good,
And suddenly my belly aches,
But there is no pain!
My head spins around,
But I'm standing straight!
My heart races against time,
But it cant beat that!
And then I know,
This emptiness in me,
I miss you!

I drown myself deep in thoughts,
"The sweet life, with a venomous taste",
"Dreams, too good to be true",
"Emptiness, my biggest foe",
"Love, I cant live without",
"Fear, I cant conquer",
"Duty, which defies death",
And the one which stands out,
"I miss you more than anything else"!

I lay down on my couch,
My head still spinning,
My heart still not wining,
Memories coming back,
Making me smile,
Words I hear making me laugh,
And that cute face of yours,
I cant resist kissing!

And I begin to hate my techs!
Why can it only hold your memories?
Memories as true as life,
While I live by my fading thoughts,
Thoughts I can never rely!
And I remember you say,
"If only we could hold thoughts,
How good it would have been"!
And I begin to believe you,
You are always right,
No matter what you think in!

And so I should live in hope,
And so I live my life hoping,
Hopes of a better future,
Hopes of a future with you,
Hopes that you'll stay,
Hopes that I'll be there too,
Hopes your words have built!
Hopes which will turn to reality!

But before I say anymore,
Let me remind you,
I'm a feverish soul!
Never mind my words,
And as my vision fades out,
In the ocean of the colorless,
Let me tell you one last time,
"I'm there, whenever you want"!
And, "I miss you, my Love"!

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