You miss...

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You miss a lot!
You miss things I have,
You miss the things many have!

You miss a reason to be alive,
Even in the worst of the situations!
When you know you are losing,
When you lose hope of revival,
You still have the courage to go on,
'Cause someone always inspires you,
Someone is always watching your back!

You miss the feeling of being special!
You miss the feeling of being wanted,
A feeling of being "most precious",
'Cause there is no one who craves for you!
You miss someone who'll want you for their life,
Someone whom you can care all life,
Someone who “IS” your life!

You count no one other than you,
'Cause you have always thought of "me",
Things only about and around you!
'Cause you miss the feeling of "we'!
You miss being a part of someone,
You miss making someone a part of you,
And so your plans of life is only about you!

You miss the feeling of being responsible!
Though you might have been trusted in your life,
Might have been a trusted leader of all times!
But you miss being trusted with the biggest treasure,
You miss the trust which is the toughest to earn,
You miss being trusted with someone's heart!
And I'm sure you miss that pride!

You might have many faces in this hypocrite world,
But you do have a true self you might not know!
But who is there to know you?
You miss someone who can confide to all your secrets,
Someone who can know all about you,
Someone who can tell every face of yours apart,
And then give you the right face to live!

At times of hardships and tensions,
When you just need some rest,
When you just need to stay away,
You miss a place of solace,
You miss a place you can find peace,
You miss a place where you can smile,
Never thinking of what is the present or past!

Life presents an empty mind,
A mind which wants to wander like a gypsy,
A mind which has nothing else to do!
You miss filling that emptiness with someone,
You miss ageing your self in a smile,
You miss a big reason to dream,
A dream you'll always wish were true!

I missed them,
Not knowing I ever did!
Such is its misery!
You just miss them not having a clue!
You miss that someone special,
Who could lighten your life,
Fill your life with colour!
Who could make what you really are,
Getting the best of you!
Who could just make you fall in love,
That is what you miss when you are not in love,
And you are still missing that,
Its you, you, and you!

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