You and none

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Now I know what I miss,
What were you to me?
Now I do understand,
That I had ever opened up to you,
I lack that now.
Every word runs riot in me,
Every corner a fierce battle,
But no results,
Only some never healing scars,
Which breaths of my relentless struggle!

If only you were with me!
To calm me,
To soothe me,
To only give me a patient ear!
U were a great asset to me,
A building block of myself.

Not that there is no one with me,
But no one 'like' you!
All are too busy, too materialistic,
Quiet lost their soul.
Now only a shell remains,
Shell of falsehood, of love, of care,
Yes, there is love,
There is love in obsession,
And this is what is killing them,
Destroying their true identity,
All turning to hypocrites!

And what surprises me the most,
Is there is absolutely none,
Who could guide them,
Make them understand the true meaning of life,
And how to live it!

Ignorance is so much prevalent,
It looks almost impossible.
Yes there are some serious,
But they remain within themselves,
And there is the best who are trapped!

And though I have kept myself intact,
It might just be enough for me!
For I'm just accumulating myself,
And when my capacity ends,
I would burst then I don't know.
And this is where I had faith in you,
And now you are....gone...
So None.....

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