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Its a lost game we are trying to win!
A game originally lost months back!
Lost in the burden,
Lost in the race,
Lost in the caravans of tension!

Those tickle, those deeds,
Those unkindly laughs,
That unmeasured happiness,
Those naughty pranks,
The unreal dreams,
All - Dark and dead!

And which would never come back to life,
To tickle us once again,
To bring back our smiles,
And the only thing we have...
The diminishing and deadening shadow of the past!
And while we try to relieve us,
To rediscover those days,
We are mindful of the air we breathe!

And this is what kills me,
Every day, each moment!
A sense of being alone,
Reaching the highest peak.
And yet stand aloof!
None by me too-
Distant from everyone,
Every feeling, every person!

I know there is no retrieve,
From what I am now,
No thinking back,
I have come too far off!
And so have others gone,
Gone on their way,
To live a lifeless life!

Like a Rose without its petals!

Like a Sun without its shine!

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