Unlucky me

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I don't get what I want,
That is common, one can say,
None gets the way he likes,
But to lose is also unlucky!

I can't love my lover,
For I love my love,
But she never knows,
And then always in tears,
For my deeds of truth.

Never thought of this,
Never felt so important,
But no response to importance,
Because I want to be myself,
Not made into someone else.

I am what I am,
Good or bad,
I love to be this way,
To be a bit different;
Hate me or love me for it!

But then every thing is fine!
Where is the unlucky boy?
And here one misses,
This is what hurts!

To be known as someone else,
To be loved, when I'm not worth it,
To be hated, when I'm not due.
Tired of tears,
Exhausted in fears,
Fears of my own,
Regrets of myself,
Thoughts of my future,
Regrets of my past!

And unlucky me?
I've to laugh out sorrow,
Speak out silence,
Crowd my loneliness,
Be honest over hypocrisy,
Live over being dead!

Do nothing, I wish,
A little unlucky,
But only a bit!

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