Near end

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I'm already on the move,
Near to the first halt
Of my brain's travel,
To taste the real salt!

Pressure is being built,
While days are running on,
And there is neither time for leisure,
Nor to think when I was born!

The jumps are over,
No hours wasted for these things,
And while we have a burden to carry on,
We seemed to be cut off of our wings!

Its the high tide,
After more than ten years of low!
So now that so far we've come,
There is no use to get slow!

With even thoughts of slowing down,
We could be washed away,
Lamenting later would do no good,
So while the sun shines, make the hay!

But in this metro life,
Let not the lively humour,
Dry out in the fatal heat
Of the countless nervous rumour!

End your time with your travellers,
With the last jump,
Not to regret for emptiness,
But keep with you these memories' lump!

For these would make us remember,
Of our bold courage,
For once lost,
It'll never be back all our age!

It might be the end of groups,
The last of some relations,
So lets get one as much as we can,
And sit on a bench of the station.

Till the moment we are picked,
When the right train arrives,
But till then,
Let our oneness thrive!

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