I fell in love - 3 (The proposal)

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It felt like nothing could go wrong,
We were making a run for the eternity,
Yet situations have to be changing,
Love lurked in time's vicinity!

It was on the sixth, I suppose,
That I mentioned 'her' name,
Failing to see something unnatural,
That she had fallen for me and my fame!

I seemed to be thinking about 'her',
Trying to make out how 'she' felt,
Speaking of my fears and dilemma,
And given this, how she would have dealt!

I actually wanted to confide to her,
'Cause I felt like it,
'Cause she was a girl too,
And could have helped me a bit!

She did speak a lot,
She gave me a helping hand,
But she was hinting herself out,
Only I was too dumb to understand!

Yet secrets pop out now and then,
And I realised it a bit late,
When she logged out suddenly,
'Cause that was one thing she would hate!

I was still a fool,
'Cause I didn't rethink what she said,
If and only if I had a little brain,
If, if only once had I read!

But don't think me as an idiot!
I realised I did hurt her,
So, I did get myself drunk,
But just one peg, not any further!

And I made her realise,
She was among the best,
A friend who is meant to be precious,
Among those on my friendship's crest!

The next day, seventh march, followed,
The sun blazing down,
And I feeling dizzy in the afternoon,
While still in my sleeping gown!

"I didn't sleep well",
I was of course to be accused,
And even though I saw the obvious,
Yet to accept, again I refused!

Trying to make her feel better,
I confessed I was wrong!
And she gave her elaborate views,
Which meant it made her a bit strong!

I scribbled my thoughts on love,
What I would want!
Some which I believe in,
And some other which I flaunt!

I realised something is not well,
As she said it too,
"I'm not myself today",
And I realised that anew!

I finally spelt the 'L' word,
"Are you in love?", I asked.
She never denied, and not happy about it,
'Cause her sadness was always unmasked!

I for once jumped with joy,
Nearly convinced, its me!
"Some want to take friendship to the next level"!
My senses felt dead like a tree!

I was trying to prove myself!
Trying to feel if its true,
Make her say a little more,
And at least get some clue!

So I kept on inspiring her,
Pleading, she won't be refused,
'Cause I lived in fear of losing her,
Also 'cause I was confused!

She had her share of fears,
Fears that I would eventually go back,
Scared that I could never be hers'!
That I've already marked my track!

This is what she believed,
"I can't risk rocking the boat"!
And even when she was about to say,
The 'love' word stuck down her throat!

In fact we both were the same,
Same fears of the losing tear,
Though I was a bit too silent,
That she wasn't even able to hear!

And she was right,
I was definitely a git!
"Its a guy's job to propose"!
'Propose'? That I was never gonna hit!

Finally much like the "Johny Bravo",
She showed extraordinary courage,
It was I who rocked her world!
I who gave her this killing entourage!

I let out, "WOW"!
"I was after all right then",
I had fallen for her too,
I just didn't know from when?

I said the words she wanted to,
That she had waited for three weeks,
"I love you", I was still in smiles!
Was still shouting like freaks!

I loved her, I really did!
Someone growing so special to me!
I finally fell in love again!
And even to this degree!

She was mine!
The girl, rare, crazy and cute,
And she loved me too,
Finally settled without dispute!

Special thanks to 'Lily' for her wonderful and useful feed backs. It would have been difficult writing this without her.

P.S. - Its the sequel to "I fell in love".

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Wow... I don't know how many times I must felt like professing my liking for a guy...but I actually never did it..thinking it's the guy's job...and till date I keep throwing hints...but find no courage to speak up!

well...actually...you've penned down exactly what one feels!!

great goin!


I think that is what every girl thinks or believes, & even a guy. That is like the tradition. But traditions do break. And actually I was too happy that it happened. But then someone said, "A girl's proposal accepted, the relation doesn't last long". My story is also something like that...

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