I fell in love - 2 (Being friends)

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A day passed,
And I did send her my creation!
Then waiting for her,
Waiting for her reaction!

She finally resurfaced,
And I thought it would be the last!
It was always meant to be!
For today I had to deal with my past!

A past I still couldn't lose,
A past chasing me still,
A past I could never beat,
With or without skill!

A past which shocked her,
Which could never be left alone,
A past she couldn't believe,
And definitely from an unknown!

But I was being trusted,
My fears were proved wrong!
'Cause of what followed!
'Cause of what I didn't see for long!

A girl wrote for me,
And cried for a reason too!
I was overwhelmed,
'Cause she was among the rare few!

A few many who knew my past,
Still few who would understand,
Fewer who could support me,
But none who could hold my hand!

And so it went on,
Facing each other everyday,
With many things to discover,
And much more to say!

Talking about friends and relations,
Supporting the other in times of stress!
I believed my thought were good,
But seriously her views were no less!

We smiled through the day,
Laughed away our nights,
Speaking things only we knew,
With a little love and some petty fights!

She was intelligent,
She was cute,
She was a really a rare girl,
And that believe held no dispute!

So I tried to hold on,
I pledged to be at her side,
For I had seen many betrayals,
Yes, I already have had a bumpy ride!

With missed calls spilled through the day,
Trying to build a new clan,
Sneaking one's way into the others' life,
That is how our friendship began!

P.S. - Its the sequel to "I fell in love".

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