I fell in love - 1 (First talk)

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Weeks have passed,
Months have too!
The year stares down at us,
Wishing that it be true!

Friends stay surprised,
Strangers cant believe,
Our story seems a bit different!
Among others, and to me!

Life is strange,
Don't know what it may give,
Don't know what future has in store,
So, in hope of a new surprise I live!

Had been in school,
But never seemed to notice,
And even after four years were gone,
We still got a reason to kiss!

What went wrong I can't tell!
How we connected surprised me!
That too even on first day!
And that too so effortlessly!

Yes, she was great,
Like she was never any less!
And I was just myself,
Like always, just a mess!

We did meet and hit it off!
And that too on net,
Meeting on seventeenth of March,
And in doing so, I had no regret!

I took it as a casual hello,
I didn't think it'll be that long!
Just a few moments of bliss,
And then life would just go on...

And I was nearly there, at end,
The lights were beginning to fade away...
Then came my saviour,
Poem? She was interested right away!

That was 'cause she wrote,
And I honour her for that!
But when writing a poem,
Her pen seemed a bit too fat!

Now that was not the end,
She opened up a lot!
"Like I had never before",
That was her thought!

She said a lot,
Her mind looked good!
Just a bit tired,
Not meaning to be rude!

But one thing I knew,
She was a thinking girl,
With elaborate views,
And lots of grey curl!

There was I smiling alone,
And then again back to life,
To the 'my' real world,
Marching to the tune of the fife!

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