A day unknown!

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Its weird how I feel so!
What do I miss now?
Some knotty feelings,
Some void thoughts!
Don't know what is wrong?
These forlorn feelings killing me!
And on that I have no valid reason!
My mind seems to be blocked,
The fog is too dense to penetrate!
I search for a twig,
Which could give me some hope,
Hope for surviving this torturous hour!

This irritation knows no end!
Nothing seems to calm me!
Everyone is so distanced,
Even on this day!
On a day we vow to trust and care,
I find myself wanting it!
Why can't I find someone by my side!
To talk to,
To share his thoughts,
'Cause thoughts I have none,
My brain is on strike!

My eyes hinting sleep!
My body wanting to go on,
My heart is nonplussed!
Thinks this'll just pass on!

I need her now!
She is gone!
I can't see her,
The fog still exists,
My vision is restricted!
I hope I didn't lose her yet,
No I haven't!
She must be somewhere,
In her world of dreams,
Probably dreaming of.....
Best left to her!

Why is it so bad?
I don't know!
Why did it happen?
I can't guess!
When will it end?
I have no idea!
Why am I even writing this?
Where I have no interest!

Sleep, my best friend!
That is whom I trust the most!
And so I turn to him again,
When all others desert me!
When its only me,
Walking these fiery streets!
Burning my feet,
Making them red!

This is what I called fate,
Someday I have all I want,
The next I find myself alone!
Just me...
Only me...

P.S. - This is a poem I wrote last night, the night full of celebrations of 'Friendship Day'! And yet this weird feeling crept into me, from the loneliness that I was in, because all my friends had went off for drinking and stuff, and I was left alone!

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