Can't understand

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I don't know what comet struck?
What asteroid fell?
What changed my climate?

I've fallen into this land...
Some people unknown,
Changed their forms so grey
That I can't understand!

Someone whom I knew so much,
Is just lost from touch,
Lost without trace.

And don't just think...
I was the one into the pit...
We both had promised...
But now that is what stinks!

Ruined towards hell...
That is my feeling!
Why didn't I look around...
There were many to be found...

Many to take my mistake,
And that is what I think,
If I'm needed now...
Even four years later,
Don't be flattered...
But yours would have been any day!

Yet may be I understand!
I was young,
Thinking of today,
Thinking of the moment just begun!

Now I hate her!
And for my life she would ever be a poison,
Not in my life,
But in my heart's corner,
Which once was filled with the honey of love!

Now just let her come,
And I swear...
She'll regret the day,
Let not it be true,
For her sake hope & pray,
For if its it.....
You'll never would love me...
For what I'll do...
Well now just don't misunderstand me!

P.S. - This is based on a girl, whom I considered one of my best friends, friends who are to be for a lifetime! But I don't know what happened to our friendship, her life turned out in such a way, that... That was the end of us!

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