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If you think about someone day and night,
And cannot resist from doing so,
If you dream about someone when not in sight,
And let not the dream go.

If you fight with someone in your mind,
But do so without a reason.
If you go hunger strikes, too unusual for your kind,
For it is but the winter season.

If you always feel yourself alone,
Even when in a movie hall.
If you tend to stick to the phone,
To grab every, but hear a single call.

If none of the sights seem close to your heart,
Than the someone's cute face.
If no one's except the someone's words give you start,
The answer to which none can trace.

If in every mischief you have a helping hand,
But in front of someone you try to be a dove.
Now you should clearly understand,
You've fell to cupid's arrow, you've fallen in Love.....

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