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Before I post the next poem, I would like to give a brief introduction to its making and a small incident connected to it! In std-X, I felt like I had fallen in love with a girl I had known for long, but I was not entirely sure of it! So I just wrote what I felt, to see if others who fell in love could connect to it! And actually they did!
In fact, I had this poem written on a piece of paper kept in a book, and suddenly it slide down on the floor while I was in the classroom and 'Mohan Sir', our class teacher was taking our 'Geography' class! He lifted the paper, and saw that it was a poem! And after the class was over, he read it, and then called me!
I was scared like hell! What was he going to say? Was he thinking of sending me to the principal? All sorts of such pessimistic thoughts crowded my mind! In fact I could have written a poem then and there! Anyway, I slowly moved up to him, and he asked, "Who is the 'YOU' in the poem?" I smiled and replied boldly , "Sir, the 'YOU' refers to anyone who reads the poem and can connect to it!" He just smiled at me, and gave me back the poem!
And it actually felt good, that he read the poem and luckily didn't throw me out of the class, for either writing the poem or for writing a poem that is so bad! So here it is, 'Signs'!

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